18 February 2014

Out of the Box

This is one of those First World Problems that one feels a little silly complaining about but bothers me so much that the triviality of it is overridden by annoyance.

Kleenex boxes Y U so Ugly?

The past year or so, the kleenex boxes have been such soothing colors as Sears Tuff-Skins brown and denim. I think they're trying to represent a more masculine demographic but no. The other decorative options are overly girly with purple, pink or yellow flower blossoms. There appears to not be a gender neutral option. The other brands aren't much better either. The other brand seems to think it is 1987 with its metallics and bright colors.

If you're still awake, the point is that I've found a work around. I do like the yellow flower box so I figured out how to open the box without ruining it. If you've ever been curious as to how the tissues are configured, it was a tiny bit interesting. Clearly, I need to get out more

I can take out my annoyance by opening the ugly box, taking out the kleenex, and then putting it in the pretty box. A bit of invisible tape along the seam And no one is the wiser. Well, until now.

I took a picture to show the offending box but it looks nicer in the picture than in reals. As if mocking me for such trivial concerns.


Swistle said...

I'm with you: the box is IMPORTANT. Some boxes say "Hi, I would look right at home in a cheap motel!" and others say "Hi, I would look right at home in a totally different decade but definitely not in this one!" It's surprisingly discouraging for such an admittedly small issue.

Melaka said...

Or, instead you could invest in a pretty tissue holder. Amazingly, however, you have hit upon something that has me wasting time in the kleenex isle looking at which boxes look the best. Of course it has nothing to do with the type of tissue actually in the box! I have this same problem in the bread/bakery isle.