14 October 2014

They Pay Cash

I had another job interview today.  If nothing else, I am getting plenty of knowledge on different businesses.  This is one that I knew I wouldn't take while sitting in the parking lot waiting for the interview.

One of the many things I do not enjoy about job search is the mystery of applying for jobs online.  Many listings don't include the company name.  I get why, they don't want a bunch of people crashing their gates, but it sure would be a little more helpful to know where you're applying.  I mean, is it like this morning at a place that I wouldn't want to work? Or worse, at a place I've already worked?

On the flip side, the mystery could open up possibilities that a person wouldn't consider otherwise. This is what I tell myself anyway.

Just not today.

It was a job in a medical office when I applied.  When they called, it was for a dermatologist office.  When I pulled up, it was clearly a plastic surgery office.  Shiny new office, discretely placed off the beaten path, smooth jazz playing in the background.

I already knew that I was So Not Interested.  Then during the interview, the person listed a task of "Often accepting $1,000 payments, usually in cash."

Wait, what?

"Oh yes, they usually pay in cash."

"In cash because?"

"They don't want their husbands to know they've had...treatments."

This is where I imagined this:

I believe the person doing the interviewing knew I wouldn't be a good fit.  At least I hope so.

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