22 October 2015

I Was Just Getting Well Adjusted

In the Be Careful for What You Wish For file is this week.  After three months of wondering wth my job share partner does with her time, I'm finding out.  She "resigned" on Friday. 

In my excitement to not be working with someone who is condescending and inept, I somehow missed the whole I Will Be Working More memo.  After waxing poetic about loving working in the afternoons, I am working in the mornings.  After telling Kevin I wasn't worried about spending $300 on fixing  one of the heaters in the truck and justifying it with "It won't be frosty when I leave for work", I suddenly need that heater. (although we haven't had a frost yet, which is weird)

It was fun anticipating and  then doing the redecorating and organization of the desk.  Partner used sticky notes for many things.  There were five of  them just on the monitor. (two of which were passwords, because security)   They were the very first thing I took care of.  The second thing was all the papers on the bulletin boards, a lot of which were outdated. Even though the office provided a set of speakers and a lamp, she had two more. Unnecessary clutter and paperwork, my favorites!

Partner worked there for about a year and a half.  It's like she sat down at the desk and that was it.  She added sticky notes and papers to the bulletin board and...yeah, that seems to be it.  One of  the desk drawers was full of empty file hangers and folders.  So, if you opened it, it kind of looked like there was stuff going on, but not at all if you looked closely.

While I do enjoy the personal vindication of being right about her, I'm not enjoying as much the cleaning of  the mess.  Just today, four days later, I'm starting to be able to breathe again.  I feel like I've opened every drawer and looked through every file.  I can safely say that if I find any more surprises (like two packs of sticky notes and two boxes of pens tucked in the back of an unused drawer, after I had cleaned out everything) I'm going to go full internet meme style desk flip. 

The one scary part of this new situation is that I need to learn insurance billing.  The process is convoluted and can require three websites to complete.  Three. Websites.  Oh, and bonus: two have to be run in Internet Explorer.  Sigh.  I'm going to have to use my OCD powers for good.  Right now there are 115 kids and there will be 130 by December.  I am praying to every from of god there is that this doesn't turn into some kind of goat rodeo.

So, yeah, after all my talk of working part time, I'm now going to be working 35 hours. After stating that I didn't want a high responsibility job, insurance billing.   I need to make better choices. 

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