03 January 2016

Unfinished Thoughts

I did this once before, posted unfinished posts.  I believe I borrowed the idea from the lovely Swistle. In fact, let's just assume that I have.

So, here is one year worth of unfinished thoughts.  I actually kept three posts while culling that I will make an effort to finish as they feel like they have merit.

The Day Before Christmas Eve:

Kevin decided that the kids needed more stocking stuffers so we went to the target after breakfast.  We didn't find anything that the kids really needed that was in the stocking stuffer range.  It's Christmas Eve, so things are pretty well picked through.  Also, the kids aren't into Star Wars and all the things are Star Wars right now.

A few stores down was a dollar store.  This dollar store concept fascinates Kevin.  I've only gone with him twice before, and only because there was something specific that we were looking for.  (they have a cleaner called Totally Awesome, which is probably totally radioactive, but it works really well on outside/garage-type stuff)

OH MY Sweet Tiny Baby Jesus.  $25 later.  About $12 of it wasn't for the children.  Buy All the Things ! Because $1!   But, we got some cool Spiderman color posters for the little boys, gummy worms for all the kids, a book for one of the nerd nephews (there are two), and other oddities that only kids under twelve could love.

One realization that I had is that the dollar store must be an absolute lifesaver for some families.  Kids don't always realize what costs $1 and what's $10.  With a little creativity, a person could really do a lot of gifting without spending a bunch of money.  I found myself oddly grateful for this, as we browsed around.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
November, Pre-Trip Jitters:

We leave in two days for our trip and I've reached the Anxiety Level.

This year my niece and her best friend are house and puppy sitting for us.  A person would think that this would lessen anxiety but it hasn't.  This doesn't reflect on my niece in any way, this is all on me.

In addition to worrying about stopping our mail, paying our bills early, and making sure everything is in order, now I'm fussing that I need to make sure they have food and that our sheets are changed before we leave at 7:00 in the morning and is there anything that I'm going to forget to tell them.

Fruitless worrying.  Today I was nearly disabled because I had so much to do that I couldn't even get my sh*t together.  Instead, I am going to extra busy tomorrow and the next day.  Well done, me.  I have actually become an internet meme.

And it is not like any of this is super important.  Choosing which books to take, making sure we have the toiletries we need. (they do have stores in Vegas, I know this), changing the laces in my new sneakers because this is so important. (*eye roll*)  Printing our itinerary has even thwarted me.  Seriously ridiculous.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Post Trip Gathering:

Today we went to a birthday party for one of Kevin's oldest friends.  It was at his parents house, where Kevin spent a lot of time as a kid.

It was fun to watch Kevin with his second parents and in their home.  He has known this family since he was six.  His childhood home was behind their house and across a field.  He knew that house probably as well as his own. 

But as things do, the house had changed.  It was interesting to watch him process and remember how it used to be.  It was also fun  to watch him interact with these folks, seeing glimpses of  the little boy he used to be. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Months Ago, and I'm still horrified:

The other day someone posted a horrific comment on Facebook.  I don't usually read the comments unless I know for certain that they will be positive or clever or am seeking more information.  But this comment was pointed out to me, just so I could share their dismay.  Without being specific to the situation, someone announced the gender of their baby and a person commented on how this couple shouldn't have children. Like, ever.

My friend wondered if it was perhaps an inside joke and that we all shouldn't be so horrified. (it was posted on a mutual friends page)  I thought that if it was an inside joke then that almost made it worse. Because we, and others, don't understand that it was an inside joke. Imagine the mother-in-law reading that, or the cousin who lives on the opposite coast, or the coworker reading that.

All I could think of was "Their family saw that, their friends, their coworkers." It just makes me cringe. It made me sad for the couple whose special moment was ruined.  It made me sad for the commenter, whose life is so small and angry that they felt compelled to post something so hurtful.

I don't care if this is child number seven, or if they're poor, or if they're just bad parents.  When they clicked "post", they were joyful. What right did Sister AngryPants have to comment?

I'm sure the commenter would feel righteously justified in posting the comment, if asked.  But it's a judgement, which none of us should do. It's a  scattershot judgement that wasn't just given directly to the intended folks, but to everyone else that ever looks at their social media page.  For one quick moment, that judgmental comment ruined not only their moment but took a little bit from anyone who had to read it, whether they know the person or not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Kevin's Mom's Super Bowl Sweatshirt:

Kevin's mom's sweatshirt arrived today.  Packages for us are usually accepted by my in-laws so when it arrived, it's a good assumption that it's at their house when we get home.

Amazon sends notifications now so when I got one, I called Kevin to say it was at the house.  He said that his mom had phoned to say there was a package for us.  Kevin just said thanks and didn't let on what it was.  It was for her.

He asked me if he should tell her that he wasn't sure what was in the box and ask her to open it.  I said yes, because that's fun.  He phoned her back, she opened it and was very pleased.  "Oh, you guys. You didn't have to do that!"

And then...

Kevin called about an hour later and said that the sweatshirt was too big for her.  He wondered about having me order another one and we would just give this one to his dad.  Ugh, but okay.  I went online to reorder the sweatshirt and they were out of stock.  Because: Super Bowl.

I phoned Kevin to break the news.  I should have waited until I did a proper search but I wanted to get this done before Sunday.  Kevin actually offered to go to Wally World, in a true act of heroism.

I went back and did another search.  This time it showed it was in stock.  Sigh.  I reordered it and even paid five whole dollars to make sure it arrived before the Super Bowl.  What was supposed to be a kind gesture now  turned into a mildly expensive thing. 

Well, she forgot about the second sweatshirt so when it arrived, it was like Christmas all over again.  She also didn't know that kevin had decided to keep the too large sweatshirt and give it to his dad. Now the parents are outfitted for Seahawks SuperBowl and ready to celebrate.

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