10 July 2017

Not the vacuum too!

My new job is in a different town and county.  After working up here for almost 30 years (shut up), this means I have to find new places for all.the.things.  I've decided that it's equivalent to moving. 

My favorite coffee stand is downtown, I get Lucy's pet food at a feed store, my favorite second-hand shop.  Barnes & Noble! There isn't a single new bookstore in the entire COUNTY where I'll be working.  My favorite grocery store also has stores in that county BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME.

I was talking this over with my sister-in-law then the subject changed to her wedding ring.  DAMMIT Tracy! She reminded me that I have to find a different jeweler.  (Swistle: Fairhaven Gold is still the best, hands down)

Then I was vacuuming, like you do, and I was all "Sonofabiscuiteatingdog".  The vacuum repair shop.

My credit union?  Also not in the other county.

Chiropractor?  Probably can't convince him to move.  Eyeglasses place?  Gotta find another of those too.

Instagram photos?  Not as easy in a farming community way off the coast.  Wanna see photos of strip malls and used car dealerships?  I'm your girl.  No bay photos to be had there.

This weekend I flipped into "OMG I HAVE TO DO ALL OF THIS NOW."   "All of this" being defined as taking stuff to Goodwill, dropping books off at my friends little neighborhood library, (do they even have those in that town?)  going to my favorite hardware store in the entire world.  And to add insult to injury, I found a cool consignment shop that has really cool home decor items, for the love of sweet baby jesus.

I mean, it's not like all those places are disappearing.  I can go to them during the weekend but it's not the same and you can't convince me that it is.  Sigh.

It's a really good job though...

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