11 August 2017

Crying in the Bread Aisle

The other day I was in the grocery store that I hate because I don't make good choices sometimes.  I was in a pissy mood because it was one of those challenging days where every thing seems a struggle.

I'm going down the aisles, with my headphones in to squelch my annoyance.  I caught someone's eye and said hello.  I knew that I knew them but it took me a beat to remember who they were.

It was a parent from the school.  Wait, back up.  I've been gone from the school for TWELVE YEARS.  Twelve.  I can't believe that it's been that long because it still feels like it was just a little while ago.  So, this is context and I just needed to say TWELVE YEARS.

She turned around and stopped me.  "You know I just have to tell you..."  Ugh, these conversations can go either way.  While I enjoyed this parent, she had her challenges so buckle up.

"Daughter is still best friends with Friend, after all these years.  Since they were toddlers!"   It was nice to hear that a relationship that was founded in preschool was still going strong.  That seems rare.

She continues on to tell me that she's graduating from University soon and going for her masters.  This isn't a surprise to me because even as a child, we knew this one was going places.  You just knew it.

Finally, she said (I'm paraphrasing)  "I just couldn't have done it without you and the school.  Daughter wouldn't have had the opportunities she had if not for the school.  I just need you to know how much I appreciate all that you did for me and Daughter."

So, now I'm almost crying in the bread aisle.

When a person works in social services or non-profit, you subliminally know that you're making a difference.  On exceptional days, you may see it occur in front of you.  But it's often a Karma thing, it may or may not happen and you probably won't know how everything turns out.

This mama gave me confirmation that work I did twelve years ago made a difference.  This is worth its weight in gold  to me.

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