09 June 2011

Five Minutes Peace

Dear Friends,

If you've emailed me, I'm sorry I haven't responded.  If you've dm'd me on the twitter, I've been better at responding because it's only 140 characters.  Texting is only slightly more successful.   Facebook? I've been on my page but just enough to click "like" or randomly comment.  Who thought that email would be the most difficult thing to keep up with?

A while ago I sent my BFF K  the book "5 Minutes Peace" while in the throes of having a gaggle of children under the age of six. (is that right? BFF K?...it's gone by so fast)

Right now, I need that book.  I need that for reals.  I need 5 minutes peace.  Work has been eating my brain and home is eating my brain.  All going well on Saturday evening, I get to have a quiet evening with nothing to do but sink into my tub and lay on my couch.  It's that or I am going to lose my doggone mind.

So, what's going on?  We still haven't heard from the insurance company about the car trailer.  It's looking like it is a total loss so that sucks and blows and not in a good way.  Kevin is just sick about this.

We are supposed to race four weekends out of eight in the next two months.  The unfortunate part is that we can't go without a trailer.  Can't Go.  Renting a trailer isn't an option, they're just not available.  Borrowing one is  a slim option.  Piggy-backing (having someone come fetch us) is not going to work because the car has to be secure during the night & cannot be left outside.  Essentially, we're done. 

This is where I have to get my bitch on.  I've called the insurance office daily and will continue to do so.  Kevin is going on Craigslist and calling friends.  We haven't lost hope but it's getting a little smaller each day.
So, GAH.

Work has been crazy.  Social services always has an element of crazy.  Now I am adding to the insanity by covering two jobs.  Now, it's been fun, challenging but fun.  I haven't had five minutes peace in two weeks.  There just hasn't been a moment of "aaahhhh". 

Stay tuned, poppets.  I promise that I will get back into a schedule.  I'll be writing about actual topics instead of random posts such as these. 

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