18 June 2011

I Got Married Today

Well not today today but twenty three years ago today. Like always, it's just strange.  It's just so long ago, another lifetime really.  I can't believe that it actually happened. It seems like it was just a story that I have heard all my life.  Looking at the picture, first I cringe, then I wonder who that person was.  What was she thinking?  What did she see in him?  What did he see in her?

I have more mementos from that time than I originally thought.  I know that I stole the wedding album when I moved out but I also have the newspaper notice, some journal pages I had completely forgotten existed, and a handful of wedding cards.  I don't even want to think about where the rest of the stuff ended up.  Perhaps in a landfill or perhaps in a box in a closet somewhere.

Along that line of thought, where did my furniture go?  the pictures on the walls?  my dishes?  I left lots of stuff behind.  I am beginning to think that I pressed the reset button by leaving all the stuff behind.  It feels like a LOST episode.

I have no idea where or who he is now.  I hear rumors from time to time but as I told an old friend the other day: I couldn't pick him out of a line-up.  I could pass him in the grocery store and probably wouldn't know him. Someone that I pledged my life and spent three years with (dating to divorce, total) is now nearly a ghost. I know I saw him but I can't necessarily prove it.

This time twenty three years ago, pictures were being taken and friends & family were being seated to watch an ensuing train wreck.  If I didn't have pictures, I wouldn't believe that it ever happened.


First Marriage June 18 1988 - January, 1990
May it rest in peace

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