30 June 2011

I just...Well..Here's the...Sigh

I may have mentioned a few times that my life has been...well, nuts. The lacking of writing to y'all reflects that for sure.

Let's start with the job thing. I told you about Then the Plant Fell. It's more of that, including the plant falling again. (It so is living elsewhere now). Today's adventure was the fire alarm going off as I was actually going out the door to leave.

I fear that I suddenly have my school job again, just with less staff.  I have been muttering "This is temporary. This is temporary. TEMP.OR.ARY".   I fear I may become a client at my own job.

My new boss has been chosen and starts mid-month. While the transition is unsettling, I am looking forward to it.

Then...what else?

Insurance totalled the trailer but we have a new-to-us one. While we are grateful, its not the same. I still have to order new lettering. For those of you who don't know the picture from the last post is of our racecar window and "Wench" is on my side of the car. I forgot to 'splain that.

Both of the trucks are repaired & back on the road so that's all good.
My niece's wedding is Friday. It is going exactly how every wedding with a 19 year old bride can go.

I am still uneasy about not working as a pyrotech. I still miss it immensely. I am still pouting on the sidelines. So while you watch the fireworks this weekend; cheer loudly and lots. Those people work hard.

Missy Jo is shedding like a chemo patient. She looks like Pigpen with a cloud of fur surrounding her as she goes. I hope it stops soon or someone is going to have a new hairdo and it won't be me. In related news: my new vacuum rocks, on a daily basis.

Kevin is working 6/10's again. (6 days a week, 10 hour days) I am not sure how I forget Every Single Spring how brutal the transition is. Every single year I resent the early bedtime and resent more the early wake time. I liken it to childbirth, the trauma is quickly forgotten.

Hey, speaking of bedtime. It's past mine.

What are you up to these days? Tell me something good.

PS...and then Blogger wouldn't post last night.  *perfect*

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creative kerfuffle said...

i have been scarce on blog world too. i plan to do better. also...my dogs also are shedding. vacuuming twice a day on the weekends. it is nuts.