15 June 2011

Liffe Moves Pretty Fast

It's looking like the trailer is a complete loss.  The picture that I posted just showed the place where actual contact was made with the pole.  It turns out that the hitch was bent from a 45 degree angle to a 90 degree angle and the bolts holding down the toolboxes are sheared.  The racecar moved about a half inch. 

At this point we're just grateful that nothing else happened.

Kevin met with the adjuster and now we're waiting for the adjuster to get the final decision from the claims department.  The repair shop that did the bid said it's a total loss, the adjuster said it's a total loss and now we're just waiting for the "We're going to give you $XXXXXX so you can replace it."

We have two friends that want to buy the wrecked trailer and fix it.  Even wrecked it appears to be worth more to fix than to just let the insurance company send it to the junkyard.  In the end, one of our friends is going to score a trailer for whatever the buy-back the insurance asks.

Now, here's the latest development and this is a WOW story:

The person that bounced the trailer off the light pole feels guilty and awful.  He offered to cash us out whatever it will take to fix or buy a trailer.  We told him let's just wait and see.

Meanwhile, the insurance adjuster told Kevin to get quotes of what a replacement trailer would cost.  Kevin loves this kind of stuff so he made a whole whack of calls and asked friends and had everyone he knows looking for one.  Turns out that trailers are few and far between.  The closest we found was in Tacoma, which is three hours away.

Until today.  Today Kevin found one in Oregon, southwest of Portland.  Five hours away.  He talked to the owner and made an agreement that he would hold the trailer until the insurance settles with us.  So that's good news.

Kevin came home then took the pictures and information down to the guy who wrecked the trailer.

"Well, we're going to go get it!" he said to Kevin.

Kevin explained that we had to wait until the insurance settlement comes through. 

"No.  No, I effed up your trailer and I am going to make this right.  We're going.  Tomorrow."

Kevin did the "yeah but" for the next few minutes but he wasn't to be budged.  Kevin talked to his dad and his dad said "When can we leave?"

Tomorrow they pull out of the driveway at 7:30 am to go pick up our new trailer.

Can you believe that?  We can't. 

By this time tomorrow, we will have a new trailer parked in our driveway.  We will settle with the insurance company without the pressure of finding something new in a short period of time.  Our friend will do the buy-back and he gets a new-to-him trailer.  Everyone's happy.

Like I told BFF L this morning: un-effing-believable.

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