06 June 2011

OMG Seriously

Sooo, we arrived home after 10 pm last night after a weekend of racing.  The problem with this is that we raced at our home track which is only an hour away.  We left the track at five.  *count it out*

The transmission on the tow truck was acting up when we drove to the track.  Like responsible adults, we continued on and thought "We'll just deal with this tomorrow."  And we did.

As we went through the border, back into Washington State, we were pleased to have forward motion of any kind.  Our plan was to take the backroads home so that we could coast and go slow without putting ourselves in danger.  This was a great plan until I missed the turn. 

Kevin swung into a random driveway to turn around but GAME OVER.  Smoke is a bad thing.

This is where I am still laughing:  Kevin never loses his cool.  Never.  I can't even tell you the last time I saw him frustrated or angry.  Last night was his turn.  As he's slamming the gearshift trying for any sort of movement, he realizes that we're done.  Oh, and we're partially blocking the road with our car trailer, I forgot to mention that. 

So he's angry...pissed....and tries one last time.  It doesn't work.  He drops the c*&#sucker word then immediately pauses, takes a breath, and wait for it...APOLOGIZES.    DUDE, if ever dropping a bad word was appropriate: THIS WAS IT for the love of God.

Lucky for us, Kevin's brother is following us with his trailer.  He drops his trailer in a church parking lot then tows us to the same parking lot.  Kevin drops the trailer and suddenly the transmission is happy and moving.  We called Kevin's dad to bring another truck to tow our racecar trailer home.  We were going to limp our truck as far toward home as we could.  His brother headed home so that he could return if we couldn't get home.

Kevin and I walked across to the store and bought prepackaged sandwiches and barbecue chips so we could eat "dinner" while waiting.  That part was kind of fun.

Up rolls Kevin's dad and my sister-in-law's dad to save the day.  They hook onto the trailer and we get into our truck to attempt to go home. 

As we make the turn onto the street, we hear a "WHAM!!!!!" and the truck towing our trailer stops.  My s-i-l's father smacked our trailer into a lightpole.  No, I am not kidding.

I thought Kevin was going to burst into tears.   "REALLY!?!?!?!"  He said "I'm not even going to look. I am not going to stop."   We made it about two miles when we heard a "poooooffff" and the truck rolls to a stop.  We're done. Done like dinner.  Again.

The Dad's roll up behind us and Kevin gets a good look at his trailer.   Holy sh*t, it's messed up.  Of course it is. 

 (it's buckled inside as well...but didn't touch the racecar...whew!)

They leave and Kevin calls his brother to come get us.  Now we're stuck in the middle of farm land for the next hour. Kevin is starting to circle the drain.  I told him that I am going to go take pictures, and he should call his mom. 

The brother made record time getting back to us.  Holy hell, he must have broken every traffic law there is in two counties.    The boys talked it through, strapped our truck to his and we took off.  I am rarely scared but this towing adventure tested my boundaries.  I can't tell distances well so it felt like we were going to crash any freaking second.  Kevin was an angel about explaining how everything was working and what I could look at so I didn't completely lose my sh*t.  I did text BFF C to tell her it was nice knowing her.   

The black thing is a barbecue...what you can't see is 5 gallons of racefuel in the truck bed

We made good time considering he was towing a small house.  Two times he took a turn a little tight and we played crack the whip.  I don't think I need to go to the chiropractor for awhile.  The last turn, into our driveway, Kevin tapped the brakes hard and bounced his brother against his seatbelt and giggled.  Paybacks, brother.

We just showered & went to bed once we got home.  We didn't want to give the universe another opportunity to poke us in the eye.  

The trailer is going to the shop tomorrow so that's good.  The trans will be fixed before our next race for next to cheap so that's good.  

Apparently we just needed to take a break in the middle of farmland and be quiet for an hour. I would have preferred another way for the universe to communicate with us.  A tree across a power pole or something.

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creative kerfuffle said...

frankly i think cocksucker was perfectly fitting at that point. holy crap what an ordeal! glad you finally made it home in one piece!
(Ha...my wordify is merci...either thank you (for getting home) or mercy was shown and you got home)