22 June 2011

Then The Plant Fell Over

I may have mentioned eleventy times or so that my job has been hectic.  It's one of those "be careful what you wish for" situations.  I long for the day when work was slow and *wistful sigh* I was bored.  It will return to that, hopefully, by the end of the summer so at least there is an end in sight.

But RIGHT NOW.  OMG right now.  There has been three inspections in two weeks.  There has been a spate of stuff breaking. For instance, there are four dead vacuums in my office right this very second.  The shiny side of this is that I met three cute guys just today.  (:-D 

Today I had the best of intentions to sit at my desk and do my actual own work. Wednesdays are usually quieter days.  Except today.  Of course today wasn't normal.  But I persevered and eventually was able to settle down to get some work done. 

Then the plant fell over.  I have a small counter next to my desk that has a handful of plants. They are all thriving and needing repotting.  Apparently I had procrastinated enough with the plants as one threw itself to the ground.

So I spent twenty minutes repotting plants.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to clean up the mess thoroughly because look at the second paragraph: I have four dead vacuums in my office.

Tomorrow's another day, Scarlett.  Tomorrow I am going to play a movie on my computer and do my work. I am considering posting a notice on the back of monitor that says "Unless You're On Fire, Piss Off".

How's your work going?  (looking at you also, stay at home moms)

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