12 June 2011

What Do You Call a Group of Smart Asses?

We went to Kevin's childhood friends 50th birthday party this weekend.  This is the second 50th party we've attended now with more than a few more on  the horizon.  This milestone birthday seems to be on par with everyone's 21st birthday. In one of life's little quirks, the same people who were at everyone's 21st party were at this 50th party.

As the group mingled around, years faded into nothingness.  The same jokes, the same stories, the same couples (I know right? Most of us were creeping up on 25 year relationships)  We're all gray-haired, most with kids & grandkids, and established in our lives. We've lost parents and siblings.  We own businesses and homes. 

But even with all of these milestones passed, we're still just a group of friends that are prone to profanities, practical jokes, and smart assery.

The party felt similar to a high school reunion.  Lots of remember when you did that and remember when she said this and I can't believe you still do that! Best of all, mistakes were forgotten, misunderstanding forgiven, and all was right between everyone.  Time has passed enough that just being together was more important than what happened once.

We're planning another get-together soon where everyone will bring pictures to share.  We talked about having a scanner & disks so that we can all share copies.  I am not sure what we're looking more forward to: seeing all the pictures or hearing the stories attached to them.

So, what's my point, you ask?  Call your friends.  Get together.  Bring your pictures.  Time goes by too fast.

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