16 October 2011

Accent Vlog...Sideways Version

The ever so lovely Swistle and Du Wax Loolu both posted Accent Vlogs.  Firstly, it's was wonderful to hear their voices and secondly I immediately wanted to do it.

I don't have a video camera beyond my phone but I prevailed. I managed to do it with the first take without the dog barking or Kevin starting the racecar or something else to goof it up.

So of course the video loaded sideways.  Video on my cell phone defaults to quicktime and because I refuse to upgrade, y'all need to tip your head and/or monitor.  (lucky those of you who have laptops!!)

A few notes...
I need to trim my bangs.
I need to sit still.  Sorry for the movement.
I meant to say "They all passed when I was a child" regarding my grandparents.
If you look closely, Swistles blog is on the laptop when I spin the phone around.
When did I get a lisp?  I have a bit of allergies going on so I'm blaming that.  I can't imagine I've lived my whole life without knowing I have a lisp.

Alrighty then...here we go...tag you're it....

1 comment:

Swistle said...

Oh, it was REALLY NICE to hear your voice again!

I love the part about not knowing what to call a sunny rainshower in Washington state.