22 October 2011

Hot Wheels

The other day I posted a picture to the facebook showing my odometer that reads over 344,000 miles.  I love my truck and really never wanted any other vehicle.  Well, other than my little romantic dalliance with the Chrysler 300 in Vegas.

I have an unnatural attachment to the vehicles I drive.  I'm not sure why.  I had another Toyota years ago that we sold to buy the truck that tows the racecar.  I was so sad about it that the new owner brought me a rose when they came to pick it up.
(I know, right? How sweet is that?)

Kevin drives a Mustang.  This is his third one. And his least favorite. Also: I hate it.  He's been making noise about selling it for about a year.  To my frustration, however, every time I mentioned putting it up for sale there were plenty of reasons not to.  But now it has enough miles on it and a few issues that threaten to become problems that we need to sell it.

Kevin didn't want to sell it without fixing a few of the issues. I kept saying that we should just sell it with full-disclosure and move on.  But he's just too honest of a guy to do that.  He would feel guilty forever for selling something that had issues, full disclosure or not.

Then one of his workers had a Ford Ranger for sale that Kevin wanted to buy.  We went around & around about selling the Mustang to buy it versus getting a loan.  I am Anti-Car Loan in a big way. (Understanding, of course, that they are a necessary evil)

Also, I imagine my father haunting me for the rest of my life over owning a Ford.  He being a Ford lover and me: not so much.

So, discuss, discuss, discuss and a month goes by.  I finally resign myself to driving a Ranger with a car loan. We put tires on the car, we plan on replacing the windshield & have an appointment at the shop.  I research car loans vs. personal loans and discover the joys of rebuilding credit.  (Major Illness & radiation treatment plus unemployment = unhappy credit reports)

It's fine.  It's just a truck and I need to not be a brat.  When in swoops Luis, another one of Kevin's staff.  His hobby is buying vehicles, fixing them up and reselling them.

He has a Toyota 4runner, which I have always coveted.  It's white just like mine and Luis will trade for the Mustang.  Hooray!!!  All problems solved.

I have to trust Kevin completely that it's something I would like as his work is too far away for me to go see before the weekend.  He took the Mustang to work on Friday with the title to trade.  This is a trust exercise for sure.

He calls at 7:15 am to tell me that he's not bringing the white one home because it wasn't what he wanted. BUT he would be bringing home a burgundy one that is in much better shape.  Still a straight-across trade.

Are you exhausted yet? I am.

He brought it home last night and I love it.  It's a change for me because it's an automatic and I'm used to a shift stick.  Kevin was teasing me mercilessly to stop using the imaginary clutch.  Also, I keep trying to use the non-existent column shift instead of the one on the floor. 

Fast forward (not really) to this morning.  We had plans of going to the wallyworld to buy floor mats & seat covers. It was taking Kevin forever to leave. 

Turns out, my father-in-law wanted to buy the white 4runner for my brother-in-law because it was such a good deal.  (My b-i-l drives our old piece of sh*t Honda car that is way past it's expiration date.)

Now we're meeting Luis to get the white 4runner so there are two 4runners in the neighborhood.  It's what all the cool kids are doing now.

Because the truck is used, it needs a few things of course.  We went to the wrecking yard, we went to Schmucks (auto part store, rhymes with) twice, and the wallyworld. And Best Buy.  New carpet, new seatcovers, oil change, Sirius receiver, antenna and now we're broke.  (:-D 

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