10 October 2011

How Does $9.69 turn into $65.98?

I remembered that I had a random JCPenney gift card in my bag the other day.  I thought it had only $3-ish on it.  I thought about what I could bother going into the store for and decided that I wanted another new hand towel for the bathroom.  A patterned one, not a solid color.  Target didn't have any more towels like the one I bought the other day so I was in problem solving (panic) mode.

So, I went to the store on the way to my moms as a mood defense.  If I got a prize prior to going to my moms, perhaps it will go more smoothly.  What I didn't think of is: Columbus Day sales.

I looked at all the towels and was unimpressed.  This is where I say that I am underwhelmed by their home goods section.  They rarely have anything that I like. 

They had leftover Christmas decorations on sale.  I am proud to say that I avoided it.  I did cast a few sneaky glances their way. But I couldn't look myself in the eye if I bought Christmas decorations on October 10.

I realized that I need long sleeve shirts.  So I wandered over to that section.  Nothing really called out to me until from the corner of my eye I spotted zippered hoodies.  I want another black hoodie because I can't wear my Vegas one to work.  They were on sale! 50% off so $15 each.  I also wanted a red one so I got it with the effed up logic of buy one, get one free.

Then just as I was getting ready to leave I spotted Henley shirts on sale as well. Guess how much? That's right: 50% off.  I bought a purple one, a purple & black one, and a blue one. 

This is why I avoid JCPenney.  I tend to overshop there.  It's also why I don't have a credit card there anymore.  It's like a bookstore to me: I have no self control.  This is how a $9.69 hand towel turns into $65.98 worth of clothing.

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