20 October 2011

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching television when I heard someone, not Kevin, come in the backdoor.  It was Girl Little.

She came into the kitchen, circled the island while saying "I have something for you" and slapped the refrigerator. 

She brought over her first ever school picture.  Apparently, she had already learned that those live on the refrigerator.

I told her thank you and that the picture makes me very happy.  "It does?" she asks with wonder.  I gave her a hug & kiss and assured her that of course it did.

Without further discussion, she leaves.  Her mission complete.  That's our Girl Little, always on the move.

Even though we can't see it well there, I will probably not move it.  I just love that it's a five-year-old's level and exactly where she put it.

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