02 October 2011

News & Notes

We finished our race season today and it suuuucccckkkeeeedddd.  This was simply not our season.  Gremlins plagued us all season.  However, we spent time with our friends and that is never a waste of time. 

Work is settling down a bit.  There's still a bit of toe-stepping and awkwardness but so far, so good. Now that I'm on the other side of it, I am amazed and relieved. Mostly relieved.

45 days until we leave for Vegas.  Our tickets are purchased and our time off is scheduled.  I am so ready. So. Ready.

Are there any new shows that I should be watching?  I actually enjoy PanAm.  It's kind of cheesy but in a good way.  Kevin watched The Playboy Club and it's not as awful as one would think.  We both loved Two Broke Girls the first episode then we were a little meh about the second one. 

I have a tiny rant about television though.  It concerns me that some of the shows that everyone says are SO GREAT are also so dark, violent, and well, dark.  Meth addiction, gangs, zombies, vampires.  Perhaps that's why I enjoyed PanAm, it's fluff.  It's set in the 60's and life just seemed more simple. I guess I just don't need all the darkness in my head.

I don't like the swiffer mop at all.  But the commercials entertain me.  I like the lonely guy that hangs out at the space bar and the cowgirl.  It's just very clever how they've turned dirt into likable characters.

I'm nearly done with a book that I've alternately loved and disliked.  It's set in Seattle so that's good.  It has multiple characters and that usually makes me happy.  I guess, maybe, it just needed a stronger editor.  It's called Broken for You, by Stephanie Kallos.

Another week is starting soon so I must away.  Kevin is working 6:00 am to nearly 6:00 pm right now so we're both a little worn around the ages.  Okay, he more than me but still. 5:15 am comes early.

Have a good week y'all.  Or as the local weatherman says "Make it a great day"

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