04 October 2011

The Reset Button

I have been driving past the University regularly.  School is just starting up again so I've seen plenty of arriving freshmen, with brand new WWU sweatshirts or clothing stating who they used to be in high school.

Freshman really do stand out in the crowd.  I have enjoyed watching the nervousness of the kids moving in, the stoic expressions of the parents, and the weariness of the returning students.  It's like watching a live version of Circle of Friends.

I didn't do the going away to college thing so everything I know is second-hand or speculation. People watching is one of my favorite sports, in case you hadn't picked that up yet. I love making up stories in my head as I see the different kids on campus.

Like the quote says: youth is wasted on the young. Or maybe  it's a good thing that they don't fully recognize the opportunities that lie ahead of them.  I can see where that could be paralyzing as well. 

I think it would be equally exciting and terrifying to go away to college.  I wish a little bit that I did the college thing instead of the married thing.  It just seems like it would be one of the few - if not the only - opportunity to press the reset button on your life.  You can completely start all over; choose who you want to be by leaving all the previous conceptions of you behind.

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