25 October 2011

Vizzini Said "Go Back to the Beginning"

We have had some pretty great successes in racing.  We've won races and championships.  We've broken records.  We've raced with the big boys in Vegas.

As high as the highs can be, the lows can be brutal. This season was an all-time low.  We fought gremlins all season, we got a late start, we just couldn't get our sh*t together.

Every season we begin with high hopes and big plans.  This season was just like all the others except one change: the series in which we competed.  We returned to our home track and felt like all was right with the world again.

The universe had other plans for us though, as it often does.  We struggled.  We had issues where we've never had issues before.  I kept telling Kevin "It's just our turn." We've seen it with other racers before.  It's just our turn to have problems. It wasn't our turn to set the world on fire, it was our turn to catch fire. (true story)

Our friend Mig cuts to the chase, as he always does.  "You need to start with the simple stuff."  And so we are.  Everything is packed & put away.  Racing plans are on the shelf until the new year. 

Come January we will start again.  We will make a new plan and try it again.

I guess this applies to real life.  When things aren't going well, take a step back.  Start with the simple stuff and work your way forward.  Make a plan. 

Most importantly: start again.

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