21 November 2011

All is Calm

We've made it home safe & sound about four hours ago.  The washer & dryer are running, the house is clean, and we are completely unpacked,  Yep, unpacked. 

Once I am home from a vacation I have a deep need to be unpacked immediately. Not to imply that I want to forget my vacation but more to just quickly return to normal. Kevin also likes to just return home as if we've never left.  Thank God we found each other because we would drive someone else mad.

The nice thing about this habit, I guess I will call it, is that we're now in our jammies & chilling.  Tomorrow when we wake up, it will just be a quiet day.  No suitcases to trip over, no "I can't find socks to wear". Just a few more loads of laundry that I can convince myself is just "normal" laundry and not the remnants of a really fun trip that I wasn't ready to be over.

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