04 November 2011

Fast Family

They say that you make your own family, “they” mostly being people who have come from dysfunctional homes.  I think the statement is true but I also think it’s something that we say to make ourselves feel better.

Of course I have Kevin’s family, they’ve become my core support system over the years. A rough transition for all who were involved.  Me a feral child who doesn't cope with intimacy well and they who assume that everyone has a family like theirs.

I’ve come to realize that I probably won’t have the relationship that everyone wants with their birth family.  I mean, I love my brothers but we just don’t have the framework to relate to one another.  It can be learned, or grown, surely but everyone has to be willing.  

As my nieces age, we spend less time together and that makes me a little sad.  I adore my sister-in-law but it’s just a challenge to sync everyone’s schedules and make things happen.  Also, there is guilt for not including The Mom and Little Brother if we get together without them.

We returned to our home track this summer.  Our friends are all around. Everywhere I looked, there wa s a friend.  Steven who talked me out of a tantrum, Mig who doesn’t take my (or anyone’s) shit, Mig’s wife and daughters, the couple we refer to as “Our Canadian Friends” and many assorted others.  

It occurred to me as we sat around talking that this is our family.   These are our siblings and cousins and the people we call upon when things get rough.  These are the people that make us laugh, soothe our fears, and help us solve problems.  This crazy bunch of racers is our family. A fast family.

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