19 November 2011

News & Notes - Vegas Edition

This is being posted via my droid so forgive me if this has errors or appears stilted.

I am cozy in my hotel room with my feet up, a smoothie & a book next to me. There's a movie on and a view of the Strip outside my window.  We've been here three days and have two more to go.  Oh and it snowed at home while we've been gone.

We did the New York roller coaster again. Well not "we" *I* did. In the dark, which was More Fun! It is definitely Life Affirming.

Bought a pink Vegas Hoodie. So Happy!

We had dinner at Benihana for my brother & sister in-law's 30th anniversary.

We went to Coyote Ugly (like the movie) and had such a good time! I was invited to dance On The Bar...omg! (totally didn't)
I was flirted up by a lovely redneck who was strangely also from Washington. He was my people! We stick together in foreign lands!

We visited Pawn Stars. It is in the Top 10 most cool things I've done. The "Stars" weren't there but there were 2 people working that spent 10 minutes talking with us about the pawn business.  We saw many things that were featured on the show.

We went to the Bellagio to see the Conservatory & the Chilhuly Glass, both breathtakingly beautiful. One of the pictures I took is below.

We saw the MGM lions, the Seigfreid & Roy tigers and the dolphins at the Mirage. We went back to the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. Its just like a trip to the zoo! We even ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe which was neat but I was relieved to leave. (The ADD did not enjoy)

I returned to the Titanic Museum again. I'm happy to say that it was just as powerful the second time.  The passenger I was assigned survived so I still don't know how I would react if they didn't. I bought the book this time. I've been wishing for it for a whole year.

Second most fun thing was the CSI Experience.  I have never watched the show. ( I know, I'm one of three). They give you a CSI Investigators vest to wear, a clipboard and a case to solve. First step is the crime scene where you note all details, facts and questions. Next you run the information through toxicology, DNA, fingerprints, criminal database and some forensic tasks to determine what's fact. Then you examine the "body", which is a white manicquin (sp?) that a computer projects the anatomy onto it. The final step is presenting your case to Grissom via computer.  If you solved it correctly you receive a diploma. If not then you're encouraged to do it again.
It was So Fun! I want to go back to try it again!

It has been a beautiful trip, full of fun & friends. I wouldn't change a thing.  Two more days...what fun will be next!?!

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