12 November 2011

News & Notes

In case I haven't mentioned it at least eleventy times, I'm going to Vegas in three days.

I spent today making sure that we have everything we need for the trip.  In that quest, I managed to forget sugar, which means no coffee and a trip back to town.  Sigh....

If you watched Grey Anatomy this week, Route 2 is actually Highway 2 and no, they didn't exaggerate the road at all.  It's a bad highway, for reals.

Chris Martin from Coldplay was interviewed by Howard Stern this week.  He seems like a genuinely nice guy.   He sung with just a piano and omg, he brings tears to your eyes.  Also, I thought Apple was a dumb Hollywood name but when you hear Chris Martin pronounce it? *swoon* I love it.

Here's the newest thing I'm trying now.  First was soda, then red meat then processed foods and now................chips.  Did you just gasp?  I know, I know.
 I seem to have grown an addiction to Pringles that needs some intervention.  you'll know that it's not going well when I'm on the national news for running a truck carrying chips off the road.

Guess what I did today?  I went back to Kohls...*facepalm*....I really dislike that store.  But I had a quest: a silver "J" to go with the other initials that I bought last weekend just to have Kevin ask why I didn't get our last initial. 

Okay, I'm watching Craig Ferguson and Dominic Monahan is doing Geoff Peterson's voice.  I have to say: I am having difficulty concentrating.  What a voice!

Hey, wanna talk about my upcoming vacation again?  No? okay!  (:-D

The thing with reading mindless fluff is that people can see the cover of the book and I don't like that.   I have a paperback of a Nora Roberts triology that I'd like to take on our trip but it's a used, older book so it looks like a bodice ripper.  Hmmm, what to do?  Swallow my pride & dignity or pack three other books.

One more television item: Glee's "first time" episode was perfectly lovely.  So well done!  I loved that they featured the straight & gay couple, they addressed being ready, waiting for the "right" person, and using protection. They hit all the perfect notes.  (pun intended)

Washington State just deprivatized hard liquor sales and I'm very disappointed.  It took two attempts for the law to pass and it was quite the debate.   Deprivatization bothers me on two levels: Costco spent millions of dollars to support the bill and I don't like that Costco "bought" the votes.  I really don't like the ease of access to alcohol now.  I can only picture my dad, a lifetime alcoholic, having now even more access.  It just makes me nervous and sad.  Oh, and 900 people are now unemployed and I'm not sure how many storefronts are closed.  In this economy, I just don't see how that is a good idea.

My mother is already done Christmas shopping.  Yes, we all hate her right now.

There are three voices that make me stabby: Richard Simmons, Jennifer Tilly, and Rosie Perez.  That's all.


Swistle said...

I remember from my church days that lots of people had zippered Bible covers. I wonder if you could get one that would fit a paperback?

Wendy B. said...

Make a book cover out of a paper grocery bag...like we used to do to cover our school books :o)

I am totally with you on the voices...all three are like nails on a chalkboard!!