29 November 2011


I just saw another email stating how important a food diary is.  I can see the merit in this if you have a health concern like an allergy or auto-immune disease.  But if you're simply dieting or have food issues, I just see it as a way to beat yourself up. 

Good Morning America had a segment on how telling your friends that you're dieting can sometimes be counter-intuitive.  That's right, your friends want you to fail.  I am not sure what I think about that.  I would like to think that my friends aren't complete bastards but I've experienced otherwise in the past so there's that.

Anyway...if I were to keep a food diary, it would be simple: Copy & paste the average preschooler diet and we're good to go.  Well, preschoolers don't drink coffee but other than that.

If I eat something, it's cereal (Cheerios) or cake.
Coffee...lots of coffee or I have no will to live.

PB&J...sometimes tuna, sometimes bologna.  I warned you: PRESCHOOLER
Used to have chips but I'm a grown up now & have abandoned those. (stop laughing)

Snack...this is inconsistent.  If I'm making dinner I will do tortilla chips & salsa (shut up, I know what I said) or crackers & cheese if it's the weekend. 

Dinner is usually turkey something or other, salmon something or other, or chicken something or other.  With vegetables, fruit & milk.  It's rare that we have red meat.  (rare, red meat. Get it? I'm so funny. Not really)

I don't snack at night, at most I will have a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate & warm milk if I feel insomnia coming on. 

So, yeah.  Preschooler.  I am not the size of a preschooler so I'd really like to talk to someone about that.

You're up, poppets.  What do you eat?

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