22 November 2011

Random Item of the Day

This is Kevin's mom's chair.  It looks like a child's chair but she used it to rock her babies (her words)  I think it has further family history but it's sketchy.  Kevin's mom has memory issues so we have to eventually get the history from his aunt or uncle.

When it was time to close the Moody House (Kevin's parent's long-time home) we divided up many things, including this chair.  The parents had already designated what they wanted to go to who and the boys were responsible for the remainder. 

If they couldn't agree on which of them that would get it, then they played Paper Rock Scissors.  It worked throughout the whole time until it got to this chair.  Both boys wanted it but neither could stand the look of disappointment on either face.

So it lives here.  It's kind of in the way but it makes Kevin happy.  He can see it every time he sits down in his recliner.  I wish that we could continue the tradition but it's impossible.  Perhaps one of the grandkids can use it when the time comes.

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