15 November 2011

Stop Wearing the Pumpkin Sweater

We've shared the Crimes Against Humanity posts in the past.  These outfits were photographed from the YWCA's clothing giveway program. (Dress for Success)
The program at my work is slightly different in that it provides clothing for all women, not just women needing work clothing.

I never in a thousand years thought that this program would be of any interest to me.  Now it's one of my favorite things to do with my day.  I love to play with the clothing donations that come in.  It's fun to create outfits to put up for display. There is a special kind of happiness in giving clothing to women in need.

I have learned so much about clothing over the years.  I knew on the surface about fabric or "fashion" but now I feel like I actually *know*.  I can put together an outfit in just a few minutes now.

Although I think I have this skill simply from wearing Garanimals as a child.  Garanimals was the clothing brand that had animal themed tags that showed what shirts & pants matched.

Because of the program, I now wear red shoes and "big girl shoes" instead of sneakers.  I have color in my closet instead of my Wednesday Adams black, and
I know what cut or style of clothing to choose that looks best on me.

Most of all, it makes me think about what I wear each day. It makes me choose items I wouldn't normally wear and it keeps me from falling, too much at least, into a rut.

Now it's your turn.  Go through your closet & get rid of the pumpkin sweaters & the stuff that you'll fit in "someday".  Give it away so that others may benefit please.  Most importantly though: try something new.  You'll see how fun it can be.

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