25 November 2011

Thanksgiving - a recap

My family:
Little Brother & his girlfriend broke up. (not during, that would be awkward)
Niece acted her age.
Mom held the boys dessert/birthday cake hostage until they put up the Christmas tree.
Mom asked Kevin if he's always been so loud.  (new hearing aids, and yes.)
Skirted political talk & called Little Brother out on "What's wrong with being gay?"

Kev's Family:
Too much food, too many people. (both problems & blessings)
Snuggly Girl Little
Rascally Boy Littles
Helpful Oldest Big
No one threw any food.  (yes, it's happened before)
Christmas planning

We slept in today and both have been wandering aimlessly.  I've half-heartedly begun getting organized for Christmas.  I shopped on Amazon for my first ever Black Friday Sales. 

I finally put on the station that plays Christmas music 24/7 until midnight January 2.

And I'm torturing the dog.  She hates these:

Entrance to the office, note her bed on the right.  
I laid down in the hallway to provide you with the dogs eye view

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