01 November 2011


Catalogs are starting to arrive now.  I love catalogs.  I rarely order anything but I derive pleasure from flipping through the pages.

Right now I have a car catalog from the boys, a catalog called "Potpourri" that has all kinds of kitschy stuff but best of all I have a Target catalog. Did anyone know they have a catalog?  It's mostly holiday focused stuff but I think I will keep it for awhile.

I believe my love of catalogs came to me as a child.  My mom always got the Montgomery Ward, Sears, and JC Penney catalogs in the mail.  What a great day when they arrived!

My mom used to keep them then let me cut out pictures to create scrapbooks, posters, dolls, or wherever our imaginations led us. I am sure that if snooped today I would find at least one vintage catalog.

We also used to get the Avon catalog.  One of my grandmothers often bought me the holiday themed children's jewelry.  I loved everything about the Avon catalog, even though we never ordered anything.

I will keep catalogs that has interior design stuff that I like with the thought that someday I will order something or find something just like it elsewhere.  It's when I do that when I remember being a child.  My mom called them...and still does...wishbooks.

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