09 September 2012

Brother's & Sisters

Where were we? 

The family reunification has continued for my father-in-law.  We spent last weekend with two of the estranged brothers and sisters.

It was perfectly lovely, every minute of it.

Out of six siblings, four were here.  The remaining two will mostly not reunite as one has had a stroke that has altered her personality so gravely that she doesn't keep in touch with anyone anymore.  The other was the black sheep brother that only talks to my father-in-law.  All in all, even by soap opera standards, the family is intact once again.

There was no mistaking that they were siblings.  My father-in-law and the uncle were wearing the same exact shoes and stood & sat the same way.  The sisters were all wearing pink and sound exactly the same.  All of them are well-versed in smartassery. Epic levels of smartassery.

Some of the cousins were here as well.  Strangely, I knew one of Kevin's cousins when I was married to Michael so it's always a little weird to see her.  Kevin and one of his cousins resemble each other. Kevin and his brother don't look alike at all and their personalities are polar opposite.  So when I see Kevin and his cousin Rob together, it's like a puzzle that has been completed.

I guess that also sums up the weekend: a puzzle has been completed.  A family is now together again, future plans have been made, and open wounds have been healed. 

Again, like we've always heard, regrets that this reunion hasn't happened sooner have been voiced.  Us humans sure do know how to waste time and relationships.

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