30 September 2012

Cleaning Closets

It was barely Spring when I threw myself down the stairs and now it's Fall.  I've missed two seasons and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to enjoy much of Fall.  It's all a little strange, as if 2012 hasn't existed for me.


Although we haven't had measurable rain for months and don't see any in the near future, the temperatures have dropped enough that t-shirts aren't warm enough anymore.  To be honest, I've been cold since the surgery, what is that about? I just can't get warm, which is weird in August.

Again, anyway.

For years, I didn't switch clothes seasonally.  Our closet is different than in our old house. Our old house had plenty of space but the new closet started getting crowded.  So I tried it and I liked it.  There was more space and it was a strange Christmas-like feeling when it was time to bring out the next seasons clothes.

This year, in the Spring, Kevin had to help move things, much to his displeasure.  Guys are lucky that this whole process doesn't apply to them.  So, I had clothes stuffed into a suitcase.  I was unsure what fit or didn't fit because of weight loss, etc.  I didn't get the chance to cull through my stuff before putting it away.

I spent most of today with my clothing on my bed.  I sorted through all of it, tried on a few things, and started to separate the clothing by seasons.  It occurred to me  that this time and Every Year I realize, after the fact, that I need summer clothes for our trip to Vegas.

I culled through everything one more time then decided to stuff all - regardless of season - into the closet.  It's not as over-stuffed as I imagined it might be.  I still feel like I need to go through it again over the next month.  I'm sure there are items that I kept for reasons unknown.

I also need to do the second cull of my shoes.  I honestly think I'm going to be a sneakers only girl from here on but I just can't let go of my shoes just yet.  Perhaps after the year anniversary I will do it.  Yeah, that's it. (she said while shaking her head & crossing her fingers)

Nearly all of my track pants have been banished.  I just can't wear them anymore.  I only kept two pairs.  Also, I've managed to collect approximately one million pairs of socks.  (Oh, I cleaned out the dresser too.)
I feel a little more connected to the world now.  I'm all caught up, my clothing is organized, I feel ready for the cold weather and for our trip.  It's almost like when someone has memory loss and they go through all their things to try to remember.

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Daydream Believer said...

I hope your productivity wears off on me a little!!