20 September 2012


Now that I'm through it, I can tell you a story.  I mentioned that I was going through some health stuff last week and here's the thing.

I have benign masses in both breasts.  A week ago, I just had one mass but after having a physical and a mammogram, it was discovered that I have two.  Strangely it is the mirror opposite of the original one.  My OCD is very pleased.  The doctor even mentioned that I had a matching set.  (doctor's have such black humor, I enjoy it so much)

Also, the physical exam did not pick it up. Kevin didn't notice it.  (he found the first one)  The mammogram did.  So, to anyone that is scared to get one done: buck up and do it because it's more important than your fear of "what-if".

AND what started this whole adventure was BFF C had a year-long task list challenge that she issued to us, which included all the self-care stuff.  I skipped last year's mammogram (I don't even know why, really) so it felt a little serendipitous.

Oh, and here's what I did:  I chose a day and booked everything I could into one morning.  I went to the dentist, chiropractor, physical, and eye doctor all in one day.  If I could have gotten the mammogram on the same day, I totally would but just couldn't pull it off.

I now challenge all y'all to get this done.  Go get all your self-care appointments taken care of.  


I had the mammogram done and really had no reservations about it at all.  So when they called and said I had a new mass in the other breast, I swirled the drain a little bit.  I mean, because really, I've had such a fantastic year. *sarcasm*

So the next day I had more scans and an ultrasound.  I waited for the results in the exam room, hoping that the radiologist would say "Yeah, it's the same as the other, no worries."

Not so much.   I had to schedule a biopsy.  *really bad words*

This is where I was conflicted.  Do I tell friends & family now or later?  Do I worry them needlessly or give them a heads-up that bad things are possibly abreast. (see what I did there?)

This what we decided: we kept it on the down low with the family because with Kevin's mom's health, no need to ring that bell until we Had To.  Luckily, we didn't.

With my friends, I  told just my two BFF's because it felt wrong to be withholding.
Even then, I felt horrible burdening them with a "This might be happening" thing.

I went in for the biopsy by myself.  I know, I know, that's against all recommendations but I would rather just deal with this sh*t by myself, at first.  I didn't think it was prudent to disrupt everyone else's day when if the results were bad, I would so be disrupting everyone else's lives.

So, getting the biopsy was very much like getting your ears pierced but with much more insecurity and vulnerability.  Even the "gun" that takes the samples sounds like an earring gun.  It took about thirty minutes and off-you-go.  It's a two day wait for results.

I was fairly certain that it was just a benign mass at this point and the doctor that did the procedure was as well.  It was nice that she said so instead of the afraid-of-being-sued one often gets from people.

But here's the weird part:
I'm micro-chipped.  Well, not electronically but chipped all the same.  I have a tiny, cancer ribbon shaped, titanium chip next to the mass so that future scans and medical personnel will know that the mass has been diagnosed. So weird.
I've tried to find a picture but searching for anything that contains the words "breast" or "implants" is futile unless you're male or lesbian.

Two days went by and would you believe that I MISSED THE CALL?  I was at work and absentmindedly put my phone in my sweatshirt pocket for like a minute and they called.  

I was actually relieved when I saw that they left a voicemail because then I could listen to the results without the pressure of having someone on the other line.  The message was totally cheery and she even said "I'm calling with good news" which I thought was very kind.

I called Kevin, then emailed & texted the BFF's and did a little relieved happy dance.   Dance along with me, won't you?

What have we learned?
1) Get your mammogram
2) Get your mammogram
3) Don't make me say it again

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JenLars said...

Glad to hear all is okay. And I found a pic by focusing on the titanium chip part of the search possibilities. :-)