16 September 2012

Spoiler Alert

I don't enjoy previews or spoiler alerts or anything that might tip me off to what is going to happen in the next episode or season.  It makes reading magazines and the interwebs tricky right about now.  I do a lot of skimming and fast forwarding.

First off, previews are misleading many times and I hate that. There's nothing like getting interested in or excited by something only to have it not come to fruition during the next episode.

It just seems like it takes some of the fun out of watching.  I enjoy being surprised  by plotlines.  To me it's like when a friend says they have something to tell you about that's So Exciting and they build it up then it's rarely as exciting as you have imagined.

If a show is good, there shouldn't be a need for previews. I'm already looking forward to watching it next week.  I don't need to be teased into watching again by misleading clips.

I am skeptical about reviews as well.  I pay mild attention to them and don't read them at all if the critic has the tendency to describe to plot in great detail.  If I read their type of review, I no longer need to read the book that I used to be excited about.

Kevin enjoys previews.  He's genuinely disappointed if the dvr cuts them off.  So we're a mixed marriage.

Do you like previews? or would you rather just watch the story unfold on it's own?

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Swistle said...

I like previews of MOVIES, but I like GOOD previews. Misleading ones make me so! mad! The good previews are like the inside of a book jacket: just enough to let me know if I'm likely to enjoy the movie or not. The worst ones are the ones that make a movie look like a comedy by featuring the only two funny lines from the whole grim depressing thing.