03 February 2013

For Rent

This is the message board next to our door.  It rarely is used.  Until about a month ago, it read "Missy was a very good girl. Love, Niece" from three years ago when she took care of the dog while we were in Vegas.

Kevin decided to build Missy a new doghouse on our deck.  She has one that is attached to our shop but Kevin thought she might like a bigger one on the deck where she could see more of the goings-on. 

So he drew me a diagram of what he was thinking.  Later on, I added the "dog" drawing and labeled it Missy's Condo.

Well, the dog sleeps in it only occasionally.  We don't know why.  It's big, it's insulated, and has cozy blankets.  She seems attached to the old dog house.  She's an old dog and you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Or apparently make her sleep in a new condo.  Also, how optimistic is Kevin to build an old dog a new house?

I noticed Friday that Kevin had added the "for rent" sign onto the drawing.
I then crossed out Missy's name and added Lucky's because he does spend time in there. 

And this is how we spend our time.

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