18 February 2013

Who is Your Daddy?

We had dinner tonight with Kevin's aunt and old family pictures came up in conversation.

I missed how it started but Kevin's dad was proudly showing pictures in his wallet to his mother  Then Kevin's mom handed Kevin the wallet to show him. Kev took it, looked puzzled then frowned.

He turned the wallet and showed me. I gasped,  laughed then smacked his arm " NO! No that did not just happen!"

Kevin handed the wallet back and said "Oh my God. That is NOT me!"

His dad had been carrying a photo of one of their friends sons. For YEARS. Thinking it was Kevin. His mom even defended him. "Kevin, that's you."

"No Mom it's not me. I , of all people, would know Me!"

The picture is of a boy that is younger than me and I am seven years younger than Kevin. The picture is in full color while his brothers is faded to near sepia. The child in the photo is wearing a polo shirt and Cosby sweater.

In Kevins dad's defense, he was a long haul truck driver and missed a lot of the boys childhoods. But the fact that that Both Parents mistook the wrong picture is the stuff of sitcoms.

His mother finally said "Well you both have such good dark hair."

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Swistle said...

HA HA HA HA! OMG, this story is going to be told for GENERATIONS.