21 February 2013

Forced Relaxation

My latest adventure is a medical massage.  While I was having this massage, I kept trying to relax but I also kept thinking "I have to remember to write about this."  If I wasn't thinking about that, then I was thinking "You have to stop thinking.  You should just Calm The Hell Down and relax."

I have never had a massage, clearly.  I have trust issues so it has never even been on my list of things to do.  Also, the ADD doesn't seem like a good fit for staying still in one place for 30 minutes. (exhibit a, above)

I was a little skeptical and a bit anxious.  Again, trust issues.  The unknown is always worse than the known.  Also, anticipation of people touching my owie was not something to look forward to.

It was wonderful though.  Let me make a list:

Warmed table
Cozy blankets
Small space
Pleasant street noise
Russian accent

I walked better than I have in a long while afterward.  The massage was similar to the manual manipulation part of physical therapy but not as miserable.  I have an appointment again next week and I'm actually looking forward to it.

So,  the one thing I did not enjoy is the nakey part and this was just partially nakey. But any kind of nakey is not fun for me, unless Kev is involved of course.  I understand that it's necessary, I just don't have to like it. I can rationalize that they are used to nakey bodies but it just doesn't make it any easier.  I'm sure that each time that I go, it will be a little bit easier.  I doubt that I will ever be totally comfortable with it though. 

Anyway, I think I've typed "nakey" enough for a lifetime.

The clinic is above the bay in the historic Fairhaven district so just the drive there is relaxing.  If one could see out the window, it overlooks the bay above the ferry dock. Hardwood floors, pleasant earth tone interior design, a sassy receptionist were also to be noted.

There is also a train track nearby so I listened to the train going by.  This would be disruptive to most people, I think.  I loved it though.  I really liked it also when a lawnmower started up.  Nothing says impending Spring like a lawnmower.  A car passed by with its music blaring and I am still trying to figure out what song it was. So, you know: total relaxation for the ADD.  Lots of noise to entertain it so I could relax.

There was, of course, the asian style music of flutes and chimes playing.  Normally, this music makes me stabby - the exact opposite of it's intent.  I just don't enjoy the sound of it. (obvs.)  But I will admit that it was soothing after time passed and that it becomes just white noise eventually.

I still don't know that a massage would be on my list of things to do with my free time, especially considering that this massage mainly focuses on my leg and hip.  If it was a head-to-toe thing then I'm not so sure.

Although I did feel pretty groovy when I left. Yep, I said it: groovy.

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Swistle said...

When they were prepping me for my most recent c-section, there was a moment where I was not as clothed as I would like to be. I was kind of clutching at my johnny, and I blushingly said something about how I was being silly since I was sure they saw half-naked bodies every day---and the anesthesiologist (in my experience, anesthesiologists are always goofs) deadpanned unhelpfully, "But we haven't seen YOURS."