11 February 2013

You Can Lead a Dog to her Bed

This is not the only story about throwing food that I can tell.

Missy always seems to know when there is a possibility of her getting leftovers from dinner.  We are unsure where she gained these skills and we feel it's probably best not to ask.

We had french fries at dinner tonight. (yes, we are six. shut up.)  When we were finished, Kevin threw a fry from the dinner table to the kitchen floor, close to where she was laying in the laundry room.

It took her a few seconds but she found it.  He continued to toss a few fries for her, finding that he had to throw it where she saw it or she wouldn't find it.  Her hearing is nearly gone now and her sniffer has never been great.  I'm sure she would say she lost it in the war, a la Snoopy, but I really think she never had a good one.

Kevin thought it would be a great idea to throw fries down the hall, leading to her bed.  For about fifty feet, Missy would take a few steps, wait for the fry to fall from the sky as if magically, eat it, then take a few more steps.

This is behavior that I just roll with because really, what's the harm?  And I get a good story out of it.

Finally I hear an unusual sound.  I don't even turn to look because Kevin is laughing.  "It landed on top of the china cupboard."  He says nonchalantly. Then he follows with "WHO DOES THAT!?!?!?"

I just started clearing the table.  Missy went to bed.  We're used to him by now.

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