26 March 2013

A Glimmer of Happy in the Drama

The kids came up to see their dad for the first time in three weeks on Sunday.  They, of course, came over to see us as well.  After awhile they went outside to play.

Hide and Seek is still popular with them and they love playing it up here where there are three houses to hide around, under, inside.

Boy Little came through the house as a shortcut to hide from his brothers, in one door and out the other.  Kevin was sitting watching television and looked at me like "What the..." but I just laughed because it happened many times when they lived here.  Oh, and they're six.  (almost seven)

A little while passed then the other Boy Little came into the house.

"Kewin, can I hide in here from them?"

"Yes, where are you going to hide?"

"In here..."  Here was our bedroom.  Kevin said "No, buddy, come out here. We'll make sure they don't see you."

He reluctantly came and hid between the couch & coffee table, in front of me.  Our living room has lots of windows so it was a wise choice.  I moved the coffee table & put my feet up so if his siblings did come looking, he wouldn't be so obvious.

While we were waiting, we talked.  "Who is playing?" 

He listed all his siblings except the eldest.

"Where is he? In the house, being lame?" I asked.

He sighed, knowingly and replied "Most likely."

Then sure enough, C-2 came in looking for his brother.  Kevin distracted him then sent him on his way.

"You owe me, punk."  (Kevin calls the littles punks and it makes them/me laugh)

Boy little was quiet for a beat then tentatively said - from his hiding place - "What do I owe you?"

Kevin said "I don't know but it's going to be BIG."

Boy was quiet for a minute then quietly said "But, I don't have anything..."

(I know, right?  Killing me with the cuteness.)

Kevin said "Well, I'm sure you have something.  You have toys."

Boy thought about it a minute and said "I don't have anything and you don't Want my toys so..."  His tone getting braver with each word.

How did we ever live in a world without these kids? 

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