05 March 2013

I Ain't No Bitch

The Nephew is still in the hospital, it's like day 4,000 now and we're all totally over it by now.

It hasn't gone without it's moments.  Many of them provided by texting.

He had a particularly difficult day and his uncle Kevin text him to just keep trying.
The nephew replied 'I'm drying."  (wait for it )
Kevin read it as "I'm dying"
He replied "Fuck That."
And then there was radio silence for awhile.

Kevin told me about the exchange, clearly shaken.  The Nephew had admitted earlier to me that he didn't feel like he had much fight in him left and I had expressed similar sentiment.

While on the way home from work later that day, Kevin recalled the story to his brother.   He called the series of texts back up  to read them to him. 

This where he realized that he misread it. "I'm drying" not "I'm dying" and still, clearly wrong.

So Kevin texted the nephew and explained what happened. 

The Nephew replied: "That's not gonna happen. I ain't no bitch".

Atta Boy, keep fighting.

Oh, and Kevin? Pay better attention. M'kay?

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