13 March 2013

Andy Rooney Post

Things that frustrate me right now:

Doctor Farmers in small-town hospitals

Dropping a full bowl of oatmeal on the kitchen floor

"I know you're busy but...."  No, no but. Unless it's followed by "...the building is on fire."

Dish Network doesn't have the same channels as Directv so I can't set a channel for the in-laws that they would LOVE.

There are no good grapes anywhere in the Pacific Northwest right now. Sure they look good in the store, but they go to the dark side on the way home.

The words "slippery slope"

Really? dirty dishes in both sinks? Although grateful he clears the table 

An intermittent check alternator light after spending $500 on the forerunner two weeks ago. (not mechanics fault, just luck of the draw)

Yeah, I need a nap. For twelve hours.

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