19 March 2013

Kitchen Confidential

As we know, I am not a cooker. (as evidenced by my use of the non-word "cooker", which actually reflects my years in early childhood ed, not the lack of cooking skills. Wait, what?)

I've gotten much better over the last few years but it is always going  to be something that turns me into an adult sized toddler.  "I. Can't. Want. To. Make. Dinner." Whine, foot stomp, hand flail.

I do make dinner though, nearly every night.  Here is one thing that bothers me about cooking almost every single time:

Lovely kitchen. Very simple, by design.

It's not like I cook complicated menus but I do have multi-step processes, some requiring spices and measuring cups and such.  This is where I get a little pissy:

Is it just me or does that cupboard door open the wrong way?
Further evidence to show how simply I cook, that small counter space is usually where I do any prep work.  Yes, I have an island and I do use it but mostly this space is where I do everything.  It's close to the stove, to the sink, and to most everything I need.

Because of the home-ec teacher I had in middle school, who hated me upon sight, I have permanently etched into my brain to "clean as I go".  (see that bowl in the sink? brownie mixing bowl)
Add my tendency to leave cupboard doors open, both because of attention span and economy, I constantly feel like I'm going to bonk my head on the doggone cupboard door.

Yes, I realize that it would probably be just as inconvenient if it opened the other way but I'm MORE likely to work toward the sink than I am toward the stove.  I'm sure that says something about my psyche but whatever.

Do anyone of you have these quirky little complaints about your house?  Things that bother you that might not, okay, probably not, bother someone else?  Please say yes.  I'm going to assume you're saying yes.

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Swistle said...

We have one long stretch of five cupboards. FOUR of the cupboards pair up in twos. ONE cupboard is on its own on the end.

I have no trouble with the pair on the far end. I have no trouble with the single cupboard on the other far end. But the two between, I CAN'T figure out. They're the kind without handles; all I have to do to help solve this is add handles; why have I not yet added handles? Maybe I'll just put up stickers.