26 March 2013


Well the fun just keeps rolling along here.  As we made plans to have our nephew come home to his parents house on Saturday, our sister-in-law was in a horrible car crash on Friday.

No one, including us, can BELIEVE that this is happening so it's okay if you call me a liar.

My sister-in-law was injured but so, so, so lucky to be alive.  She was hit head on AND rear-ended on the freeway.  A car came from the opposite traveling lanes and hit her head on thus resulting in her being rear-ended by a Chevy truck.

Word to the wise: Honda Accords can really take a hit.  It is virtually unrecognizable but for the passenger compartment.  The airbags deployed as well.  She said she would like to have another one when it's time.  The only reason I recognized the car was the sticker on the window.

Sidebar: we went to find her glasses, which were under the broken drivers seat, in the backseat.  I'm glad we went instead of the b-i-l, it was difficult enough for us.  We debated taking pictures for insurance purposes or morbid curiosity of others but decided against it. Turns out that someone had one from the actual accident scene. *shudder*

She has a broken foot (3 bones), a broken collar bone, a damaged shoulder and knee, a broken rib and a cracked rib, and bruising all over her body, including her sternum.   Unfortunately (in a long line of unfortunatelys) it is the shoulder opposite to the broken foot.  She can do no weight bearing whatsoever (sound familiar?) for six weeks.  The p/t and nurses at the hospital taught her how to manuever in a wheelchair so she can go potty and do her self care stuff.  AND we are still in the maybe category of whether or not surgery will be required for the shoulder.

I teased her that she Way Outdid me.  Way. Outdid.

Now there are two damaged & sick people next door.  I walked in yesterday with supplies and just about burst into tears.  The s-i-l in the recliner with the wheelchair next to her and the Nephew on the couch, both looking miserable, is nearly too much to take.

I wish I had a shiny side to this.  I'm struggling to find one now and I can *always* find a shiny side.  I can only think "At least they are under one roof".

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JenLars said...

Wow, how awful. I don't even know what to say...except I hope everyone heals up quickly.