10 March 2013

Sing to Me

Yesterday was day 31 of The Nephew's hospital stay, post surgery.  Yesterday was also the day that he was transferred to the University of Washington Hospital's Infectious Disease unit.

In preparation of transfer, they walloped him with an antibiotic cocktail, which made him feel worse than ever.  He began shuddering uncontrollably and so we began piling on blankets and cocooning him amongst them.

His mom began stroking his head and hair, one of his favorite things, while I stroked his arm and leg.  He curled up and the symptoms began to wane.  He said something we couldn't hear so I bent down and asked him to repeat it.

"Do either of you sing?"

"What?" I replied then looked at his mom who shrugged.

I thought about it then it dawned on me.  "You want us to sing Soft Kitty!!"

His mom started to laugh and began to sing, I chimed in.  We did okay with the first verse but then forgot some of the second verse.  We tried to muddle through it while his sister whipped out her phone to look up the lyrics.

We sung it twice then he went to sleep.

It was equally lovely and heart-breaking.  I hope he remembers it. I know that I will.

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