10 June 2013


As I was driving to work the other day I realised that it was my dad's birthday and he would have been eighty.

This is remarkable to me because, big surprise to follow: that means I'm aging.  It just feels weird to have elderly parents; my mom just turned 78 last month.  While it feels like they've always been "old" because I'm their child, it's just disorienting.  It feels weird that our nieces and nephew are "Grown Ass Adults" (my nephews description, not mine) with children of their own.

Oh, speaking of which: my niece is pregnant, did I tell you that?  She's five months along and HUGE.  We're wondering if there is more than one baby in there.

Her sister just graduated from high school on Friday.  It just doesn't seem possible. One minute ago, she was a squirmy little baby that just wanted to be nakey and laying on a blanket. (God, I assume she's grown out of that now)

My mom bought her very first furniture set that is completely her own.  My sister-in-law said she was like a giddy school girl, she was so excited. Her choices were pretty much what we had in mind until I saw the chair she chose!  Check out this snazzy chair!

My sister-in-law quoted my mom saying "Now its my house!", which is sweet and kind of heartbreaking at the same time.

So those are some big freaking milestones. 

The Nephew has his literally-life-saving surgery on Wednesday morning.  They've given us a comfortable window of "It should last at least five hours but could be for twelve hours."
As long as he comes out healthy, repaired, and able to eat: we don't care if it takes a day and a half.

One more milestone on Wednesday, then maybe we can take a break for a while.

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