21 June 2013

Pop Quiz

Now that life has resumed it's somewhat normalness, I've been searching for topics to write about here.  One of my fall-backs is the quiz/essay style posts.  I found this one because "Breckin Meyer" was attached to it.  Gotta love a guy that is the same size as me.  But not Tom Cruise.  I don't do crazy.

Anyway, I thought these were kind of fun questions:

The Entertainment Weekly Pop Culture Personality Test

When do you yell at the TV?
During Deadliest Catch mostly.  Although I've been known to mouth off when Real Time with Bill Maher has a particularly challenging (or challenged) guest.

Did you ever write a fan letter to anyone when you were young?
I don't think so.  I do remember sending something in the mail to JP Patches. If you're not from the Pacific Northwest then this name isn't familiar to you and boy, did you miss out.

The piece of pop culture memorabilia from your childhood you still have?
I believe I have the teen heart-throb magazines that you used to order through Scholastic, which actually seems inappropriate now.

What is your position on karaoke, and what is your song?
No, just no.  Not enough alcohol in the world. Trust me, people have tried. And you're welcome.

The movie you have to watch every time you spot it on cable?
Princess Bride. Grosse Point Blank. Pride & Prejudice.

The person or band you need to see in concert before you die?
I would love to see Elton John or Billy Joel.  I think I need to win the lottery first, tickets are bloody expensive.  The Red Piano Tour I would have happily sold my soul.

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