21 November 2013


I was reading something the other day and now, of course, I don't remember what it was but it gave me an interesting-to-me thought:

What stories do the damages you have in your house tell?  Everyone has something: a crack, a broken window pane, a scratch, something that has a story about it.

As this house is fairly new, I had to really think about it but I came up with three:

Scuff marks on the wall next to the door
These are from Missy because she would not allow a human to leave the house before her.  I would like to think that she was doing it for our protection but I think it had more to do with she had to make sure that the universe hadn't moved one single thing while she was inside.

Gouge in the drywall outside our bedroom
While I was in the wheelchair for those fun-filled months, the turn from the hallway into our bedroom was tight.  The axle of the front wheel scraped the wall as I turned.  In a fit of frustration I whined to Kevin "I'm ruining the house with this damn thing."  Ummm, no, it's a gouge in the wall where you can only see if you're laying on the floor.  But I still notice it, not daily, but frequently and it bugs me.

Broken blinds in our bedroom
As you may remember, I am not so much tall.  Nor am I a patient person.  We weren't in our house a few days when I broke the first blind slat.  Because of the not-tall, in order to close the windows I had to pull away from the window (not up because that's silly talk and inconvenient) the blinds to close the window.  Big surprise that there are now four-five slat-ends missing on each window.  Klassy.

So, yes, with each little bit of damage, there is a story.  What's yours?

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