23 April 2014

Treasure Hunt

I grew up on a lake.  This sound glamorous and makes me sound like a rich kid but I really, really wasn't.  It was a tiny, two and a half bedroom, one bathroom cabin.  While it had its benefits, it certainly had its downfalls as well.  (being far away, relatively, from town, no kids in the neighborhood in the winters are two of the major childhood complaints)

We went out to the lake for my mother's birthday last weekend.  Family gatherings are always awkward and stilted and I dread them.  It was a little better with my dad's passing...go figure the absence of an alcoholic improves things...but it's still just weird.

Kevin decided to bring Lucy with us, which provided a natural respite from the awkwardness.  We took her down to the water and let her sniff, sniff, sniff, and explore.  This seemed to resonate with me as well because the next thing I knew I was looking for rocks to skip.  Being a lake kid, I nearly immediately reverted back to looking for treasures.

While looking for rocks to skip, I found not only my childhood but many treasures. I found two baby clam shells, a snail shell (also tiny), an oyster shell, fossilized wood, and two agates.  My inner six-year-old is over the moon with joy.  Kevin, meanwhile, is wondering what I'm going to do with this junk.  I'm not sure why but I felt compelled to keep these lovely items.

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