07 June 2015

Little Shop of Horrors

For Kevin's birthday, we went to the hospital.  Well, we also went to lunch and then had Carmel Frappucinos, and ice cream for dinner.  Because: Adults.

There is a Cabela's on the way to the hospital.  All of Kevin's guys at work are always talking about how cool it is.  Because Kevin doesn't hunt or fish, he has had no interest in going inside. But after passing it every day for a week, he decided he wanted to stop and walk through.

So, this is where I say that I don't enjoy hunting or fishing. I am not anti-hunting but I'm also not happy with it.  It is a necessity for very few folks these days. I don't understand it and I grew up in a hunting community.

They have taxidermy animals all through the store.  It was like a effed up zoo trip.  Looking at them, all I could think of was that these animals are in the forests, minding their own business and living their lives when someone shot them because reasons.

We particularly enjoyed the lion attacking the zebra taxidermy.  Kevin just looked at it and said "Well, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy." and walked away.

They do have a dog section so we spent time there, it was our one happy place in this store of unhappiness.  They have tennis ball guns. OMG.  I'm totally going to buy one of those for Kevin.

They also have an interior design section.  Some of the stuff was cool, lots of woodsy stuff but also a lot of horns. They also have a big clothing section, which I liked because I'm always looking for durable outdoor clothing for Kevin to wear to work.

But I spotted fur stoles.  I didn't know these were even a thing anymore.  Somewhere in my brain, I thought they were banned in Washington State.  So, I went to to look at them.  One was white and soft so I thought bunny.  I checked the tag right when Kevin walked up to me.  "What is it?" he asked.
"Umm, well. I don't want to say but it's Coyote." Essentially: dog. 
"Well, that's effed up." he says and walked away. He doesn't even like coyotes.

It was just strange to me.  I could only think: this is a whole store dedicated to killing things. And camping.  

So, we crossed that off the list of things to do.  A trip to a really effed up zoo.

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