03 June 2015

I'm Seeing Too Much of You

God bless whoever invented the DVR because: commercials. I don't watch them much anymore but no matter what technology brings, a person can't avoid commercials.  Even with the DVR, a person catches glimpses.

Here is where I feel like a Puritanical church lady: I'm tired of seeing naked people on television.  I'm not referring to nakeyness like Game of Thrones.  I'm talking about underwear commercials, adult diapers commercials, pretty much any commercial that airs during the day.

The "empowering" diaper commercial featuring men and women, all of whom are too young for adult diapers, is one that makes me actually angry.  First, I don't need  to see your junk. Second, no commercial is ever going to make wearing adult diapers feel okay, and third, it feels condescending. Adding happy music doesn't change the fact of ADULT DIAPERS.

The other one that annoys me is the tiny woman in the tiny WHITE bikini, going down a waterslide - because that happens - and is supposedly using a tampon right that very second. NO. No she is not.

It feels like commercials are needing a rating system.  I don't want to watch a Viagra commercial with my in-laws, or see that godforsaken tampon commercial when the littles are over. Kevin doesn't need to hear about using pads as pee pads, like women are puppies.  This is information that doesn't need to be shared. Everyone knows these things exist.

And, for some reason lately, all these commercials are featuring hardly dressed people. Because if you have a leaky bladder, or your period, or lack of wood (crass. sorry) the last thing people want is to see or be seen is nearly naked. This is not helping.

I would just rather not have these commercials. People who need these products are aware of their availability.  There's a meme on the interwebs questioning the need for toilet paper commercials:


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