24 February 2017

Would You Give Me Your Shoe?

I was trying to explain a person's generosity the other day. "Scott is the kind of person who if you asked him for his left shoe would give it to you. No questions asked. And with no expectation of it being returned."

This made me think of other ways to categorize people. Because this is how my brain works.

My friend Willa would do a one-minute bit about possible reasons to give you that shoe but would definitely do it.

Kevin would laugh incredulously, ask WTF you need it for, then figure out a way to not have to give you his shoe but still get you the shoe. And you'd probably come away with more than you asked for.

Another person might, to use one of my favorite Swistle words, dither so long that the need would pass or you figured out another way. Or the shoe would suddenly just show up with no fanfare.

I would give you the shoe, completely forget about it then be mystified later if you tried to return it. Or conversely, tell everyone about the time I was asked for my left shoe.

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